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Our Story

Our Story: The story began with two friends who, while jogging together, felt a compelling urge to contribute positively to society, no matter the scale. Both women shared a deep commitment to education and were keenly aware of its deficiencies in terms of both resources and accessibility in South Africa. Through many conversations during their runs over several months, they nurtured and refined an idea. Their dedication and vision culminated in the establishment of The Angela Academy (now known as Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus). This sponsored high school is thoughtfully tailored to support a select group of underprivileged students, guiding them through their educational journey.

Joining Wingu Academy

Joining Wingu Academy: The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped the landscape of education, sparking a significant shift towards online and hybrid learning models. In response to this evolution, Wingu Academy, in collaboration with The Angela Academy (now known as Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus), has initiated an innovative project to offer high-tech, internationally accredited education to underserved communities in South Africa.

Located in the Southern Suburbs of Western Cape, Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus was co-founded by Nicole Griffith and Lindsay Jackson. This institution is committed to addressing the educational and social needs of the community, with Wingu Academy providing its curriculum.

Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus delivers a comprehensive educational experience that stresses extracurricular activities, problem-solving skills, confidence building, and a strong work ethic. The campus culture is built on the foundations of teamwork, trust, respect, and safety. Since its inception on January 16th, 2023, the academy has aimed for self-sufficiency and plans to expand its student body by engaging social investors and corporate sponsors.

The Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus strives to be a beacon for accessible education and community empowerment, fostering an inclusive, supportive atmosphere that promotes both personal and academic development among its students. Read more

Wingu Offers the British International Curriculum for ages 6-19

Why the Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus?

Wingu-powered Southern Suburb Campus provide your children a safe, reliable, and social environment where they can learn. We cater to learners from different backgrounds. Our goal is to make sure that they benefit from access to the Wingu Academy primary and secondary education digital platform. 

The Southern Suburb Campus were born out of a need for future focused education that provides a modern take on education and hybrid learning. We wanted to establish safe, flexible learning environments that learners who school from home can use to interact socially.

Wingu’s personalized educational approach to online learning is unique. It enables learners at different points in their education journey, to engage and interact with fellow learners in a safe and friendly environment that promotes personal growth.

Benefits of the Smart School

Our Mission

Here at The Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus we strive to empower & support a group of underprivileged students to succeed in their studies and academic challenges. We hope to give these students the tools and confidence necessary to succeed in every aspect of their lives. 

Blended Learning

The Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus makes it their main focus to  provide all the tools needed for the students to get a world class high school education. By building a supportive and stable environment for our students we hope to foster a sense of eagerness and encouragement toward succeeding.

The Bigger Picture

The Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus believes that Home education succeeds because it is child-centered. The education is tailored to suit each individual child to ensure mastery, and the parents are highly motivated to help their children achieve success in education and in life.


Wingu Academy prides ourselves on being innovators in the education sector. Our Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus is just one aspect of our visionary approach to blended and hybrid learning.


The Blend Flex model of learning allows student to work through a curriculum with a face-to-face, synchronous (paced with the class) online and asynchronous (self paced) online experience that runs simultaneously.  

Students can toggle between online face-to-face sessions or class recordings, and complete the rest of the course online. This provides the opportunity for students to seamlessly move backwards and forwards within the course, to ensure that they can master each aspect of the curriculum at their own pace.

The main benefit of this approach is to give students the freedom to choose the course mode by accommodating a wide variety of learning styles, accommodating different lifestyles, and providing the flexibility to work around the family’s busy schedule.


Live interaction between subject experts and students.

Pre-recorded content for selfpaced learning.

Grade-determining assessments, tests and assignments.

Wingu’s Remote Learning Platform

The Wingu platform has evolved markedly over the past year to provide a unique blended experience for the families. It allows you to utilize Wingu for either complete online schooling or traditional home-schooling with the ability to take advantage of the benefits of both approaches.

Our Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus even more to students.

The remote learning platform offers the opportunity for a modern hybrid model where students can learn from anywhere, anytime, or at the Smart School to Campus with fellow students. 

Developed by teachers, subjects experts, advisors from TuksNovation at the University of Pretoria, and in collaboration with researchers at the Wits School of Education, Wingu is world-class.

Our online school offers an international curriculum that is relevant globally but contextualised for the African continent

There is a focus on student-led learning, gamification and instant constructive feedback. Continuous assessment by qualified educators and support by expertly trained student success advisors and learning coaches create a new approach to learning that is not only effective, but life changing.

The core of the Academy is to develop Fourth Industrial Revolution Skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving and emotional intelligence. It will also assist with the provision of stable internet, required to access the platform, in areas with poor connectivity and internet coverage.


Our location

Christ Gen Lakeside 24 Cornwall Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa

Powered by these amazing partnerships

Our virtual solution focuses on providing quality blended learning to primary or high school learners that are enrolled at other schools, or are homeschooling.

We have partnered with The Tutor Company for on-demand tutor support, educational researchers at The University of Witwatersrand (WITS) School of Education, helping us find the best ways to provide blended learning.  

TuksNovation, a University of Pretoria-based incubator and accelerator supports us every step of the way, making sure that we can provide you with the best education in the country!

Choosing the correct curriculum for a student is crucial as it shapes their educational experience, aligns with their learning style, and prepares them for future academic and career opportunities.
The British International Curriculum emphasizes flexibility, critical thinking, and a global perspective, offering various pathways like the IGCSE and A-levels. In contrast, the South African CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) is more prescriptive, focusing on a standardized approach with a strong emphasis on local context and practical skills development.

Early Years

Designed for 5 to 6-year-olds

The British International Early Years program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a robust foundation at the start of their academic careers, preparing them to advance to subsequent international phases.

Lower Primary

Designed for children aged 7 to 9

The British International Primary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a solid base at the start of their educational journey, setting the stage for their advancement into subsequent international phases.

Upper Primary

Designed for 10 to 12 year old's

The British International Upper Primary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a robust foundation for students at the intermediate stage of their education, preparing them for the subsequent international phase.

Lower Secondary

Designed for 13 to 15-year-olds

The British International Lower Secondary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it lays a solid groundwork for students in the senior phase of their education, preparing them for the subsequent iGCSE level.


Designed for 16 to 17-year-olds

The British International GCSE program propels learners forward on an engaging educational path. it lays a solid groundwork for students progressing to advanced international levels.

AS/A Levels

Designed for 18 to 19-year-olds

The British International AS level program propels learners forward on a dynamic educational path. it offers a concluding year (12th grade) before progressing to tertiary education. The British International A level program, an additional year (13th grade) of schooling, equips students with a competitive edge for entering demanding university programs.

Grade 10-12

Designed for students aged 16 to 19

The National Senior Certificate (CAPS) program serves as South Africa's curriculum for Grades 10 through 12. it offers the concluding three-year phase of secondary education prior to pursuing higher education.

Wingu Academy's Hybrid Schooling Option

At Wingu Academy, we provide diverse schooling options tailored to your needs. Our hybrid schooling option, available in Centurion (Gauteng) and the Southern Suburbs (Western Cape), combines the flexibility of online education with the stability of a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

Wingu Southern Suburbs Campus

24 Cornwall Street, Lakeside, Muizenberg