Our learning strategy

At Wingu Academy, we pride ourselves in providing affordable, top-class education focused on Africa and South Africa. Our primary division provides British International Primary and Lower Secondary curriculums (available 2020). Our secondary division provides the International GCSE or AS and A-level curriculum (available 2021). Our learning strategy includes:

Expert teachers
Specialized and up-to-date content
Innovative and interactive lessons
On demand knowledgeable tutors
Self-paced learning

Student & Parent support

  • Online lessons are recorded and are readily available.
  • We have a team of trained, qualified subject experts which provide students with continuous support.
  • Parents do not need to be subject specialists. We also provide additional support to learners with our easily accessible tutors.


  • All tests, tasks and assessments are available electronically, and will be submitted on the Wingu Academy online platform. Term tests and exams are written completely online, under supervision.
  • All tasks and assessments are marked by Wingu Academy Staff.
  • Final International Exams are written in person at an exam centre of your choice.

Easy administration

  • Upon registration, we provide all new clients with an induction session and virtual tour of our platform. New clients will be able to virtually engage with a Wingu expert to ask questions and to become familiar with the Wingu Academy online platform.
  • You will be able to track your child’s progress through our system with easy access available to view marks, assignments and lessons that your child engages with.

Our Upper Secondary International GCSE subjects

Our Primary and Lower Secondary subjects

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