Grade R, often referred to as preschool or pre-primary, marks a pivotal phase in a child’s educational development. It lays the foundation for future academic success. For parents considering alternatives to traditional schooling, Wingu Academy offers comprehensive Grade R homeschooling options.

This approach provides a unique chance for parents to be actively involved in their children’s early learning experiences, fostering growth and preparation for formal education in a familiar, nurturing home environment.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the essential components of a Grade R preschool curriculum and offer practical advice for setting up an effective preschool learning space at home.

Understanding Preschool Age in South Africa

In South Africa, preschool education begins as early as infancy. Initially referred to as nurseries, these early years (from birth to four years old) focus on experiential learning, with children developing key language, gross motor, and fine motor skills through play.

Between four and six years, children start honing specific skills critical for formal education, including basic language and mathematics. South African preschool education is categorized into two grades: Pre-Grade R and Grade R.

Designing a Grade R Preschool Classroom at Home with Wingu Academy

Creating a Grade R learning space at home can be a rewarding journey. Wingu Academy recommends selecting a quiet area with ample natural light to foster a conducive learning environment.

Equip this space with age-appropriate furniture and ensure easy access to educational materials such as vibrant art supplies, educational toys, and engaging storybooks. A balanced daily schedule that alternates between focused learning and playful exploration is vital. This not only fosters a sense of security but also helps inculcate time management skills from a young age.

Essential Elements of a Grade R Homeschool Lesson Plan

Wingu Academy’s Grade R curriculum is designed to be structured, yet flexible, focusing on foundational skills and nurturing a love for learning. Key subjects include reading, writing, and basic mathematics, interspersed with regular breaks to prevent frustration and maintain a positive learning experience.

Language Development in Preschoolers

Our language curriculum for Grade R emphasizes listening, speaking, and reading skills. Through interactive activities like sound blending and story readings, we aim to foster early literacy skills in a fun, engaging manner, setting the stage for effective communication and a lifelong love of reading.

Mathematics for Young Learners

Wingu Academy’s Grade R math curriculum builds a solid foundation in numeracy and mathematical reasoning, covering numbers, patterns, shapes, and more. Our approach makes learning these concepts enjoyable, preparing students for a lifetime of numeracy skills.

Socio-emotional Skills for Holistic Development

Our Wellbeing course for Grade R addresses social, personal, intellectual, emotional, and physical development, integrating these aspects seamlessly into daily life. This subject prepares children to face life’s challenges and opportunities, promoting well-rounded growth and wellbeing. The Oxford Interantional Curriculum that the Wingu Academy Grade R program is built on is a forward looking education approach with a focus on the whole student.

Making Learning Fun in Grade R

At Wingu Academy, we believe in the power of fun in education. Engaging activities extend attention spans, enhance skill development, and strengthen parent-child bonds. Our approach to fun learning activities lays a strong foundation for a joyful and successful educational journey.

Wingu Academy’s Innovative Approach to Learning Maths, English, and Science

At Wingu Academy, we believe that the foundation of a successful educational journey begins with the joy of learning. Our curriculum for Maths, English, and Science is uniquely designed to captivate students’ interest through play-based topics that ignite their natural curiosity. Wingu Academy follows the Oxford International Curriculum which is widely recognised as a excellent international curriculum.

Engaging and Visually Stimulating Educational Content

Our course materials are not only engaging but also richly illustrated, creating an immersive learning environment for young learners. These fun and dynamic course characters are integral to our teaching methodology, making learning an enjoyable and memorable experience from the very beginning.

Play-Based Learning for Enhanced Engagement

Wingu Academy’s play-based approach to education is specifically designed to maintain children’s engagement and enthusiasm. By integrating learning with play, we lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning, ensuring that our students are not only educated but also inspired.

Tailored Content for the International Classroom at Home

Understanding the diversity of our learners, especially those for whom English is an additional language, Wingu Academy’s content is crafted with accessible language. This makes our courses ideal for international classrooms, where students from various linguistic backgrounds come together.

Wingu Academy’s Grade R curriculum is carefully crafted to align with both CAPS and British educational standards, igniting a passion for learning from an early age.

Learn more about our innovative Grade R syllabus [here].

Choosing the correct curriculum for a student is crucial as it shapes their educational experience, aligns with their learning style, and prepares them for future academic and career opportunities.
The British International Curriculum emphasizes flexibility, critical thinking, and a global perspective, offering various pathways like the IGCSE and A-levels. In contrast, the South African CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) is more prescriptive, focusing on a standardized approach with a strong emphasis on local context and practical skills development.

Early Years

Designed for 5 to 6-year-olds

The British International Early Years program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a robust foundation at the start of their academic careers, preparing them to advance to subsequent international phases.

Lower Primary

Designed for children aged 7 to 9

The British International Primary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a solid base at the start of their educational journey, setting the stage for their advancement into subsequent international phases.

Upper Primary

Designed for 10 to 12 year old's

The British International Upper Primary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a robust foundation for students at the intermediate stage of their education, preparing them for the subsequent international phase.

Lower Secondary

Designed for 13 to 15-year-olds

The British International Lower Secondary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it lays a solid groundwork for students in the senior phase of their education, preparing them for the subsequent iGCSE level.


Designed for 16 to 17-year-olds

The British International GCSE program propels learners forward on an engaging educational path. it lays a solid groundwork for students progressing to advanced international levels.

AS/A Levels

Designed for 18 to 19-year-olds

The British International AS level program propels learners forward on a dynamic educational path. it offers a concluding year (12th grade) before progressing to tertiary education. The British International A level program, an additional year (13th grade) of schooling, equips students with a competitive edge for entering demanding university programs.

Grade 10-12

Designed for students aged 16 to 19

The National Senior Certificate (CAPS) program serves as South Africa's curriculum for Grades 10 through 12. it offers the concluding three-year phase of secondary education prior to pursuing higher education.

Wingu Academy's Hybrid Schooling Option

At Wingu Academy, we provide diverse schooling options tailored to your needs. Our hybrid schooling option, available in Centurion (Gauteng) and the Southern Suburbs (Western Cape), combines the flexibility of online education with the stability of a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

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