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The Wingu ACADEMIC SUCCESS Coaches Initiative

We know that education is not a one-size-fits-all. Our success coaches initiative enables personalised education by offering individualised coaching that is tailored to specific needs. Our student success advisors and learning coaches assist with motivation, study methods, skills development, goal and task settings kills, prioritising skills and act as an accountability partner.

Wingu’s success coaches are specially trained for support and personalised education. They are not tutors and instead focus on assisting the learners to become independent, confident and self-sufficient.

They have training in personalised education, teaching study methods and skills in a practical environment as each particular learning situation arises. They are also well-versed in assisting the family with navigating the administration of distance learning.

Learn more about our Student Success Advisors and Learning Coaches initiatives and how this assists your family to thrive at Wingu Academy:

“The LC Program helps new students and parents get to know the platform quickly and hassle free. Wingu overall has great support from teachers to administrators.”

– Christine B