Early Years – Stage R

LIVE CLASSES4 Sessions Per Week
INTAKEJanuary Yearly
ASSESSMENTContinuous Assessment And School Readiness Assessment (End Term 4)
REPORTTermly Reports (1 Per Term)

What is the Stage R Curriculum?

The program aligns with all the requirements by the Department of Education for home educating a Grade R student and leverages off and contextualizes the International British Curriculum for South African students. A Glimpse into the Grade R Early Years Program.

Structured Flexibility through a Daily Program with Weekly Support Sessions:

  • Innovative Approach
  • Holistic Development
  • Interactive Resources
  • Parental Engagement
  • Assisted and school readiness assessments

Goals and Objectives of the Stage R Curriculum

Holistic Development: We aim to promote the holistic development of children by focusing on their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Through carefully crafted activities and resources, we provide a well-rounded learning experience.

Early Literacy and Numeracy: Our curriculum includes activities that lay the foundation for literacy and numeracy skills. From storytelling sessions to interactive math games, we help children develop essential skills that prepare them for future academic success.

Exploration and Discovery: We encourage children to explore the world around them through hands-on activities and experiential learning. Our program fosters curiosity and a sense of wonder, inspiring children to ask questions, make discoveries, and develop critical thinking skills.

Creativity and Imagination: Creativity is at the heart of our program. Through art, music, drama, and imaginative play, we empower children to express themselves creatively and develop their imaginations. We believe that fostering creativity is essential for innovation and problem-solving in the future.

Social and Emotional Development: Building positive relationships and emotional resilience is crucial during the early years. Our program includes activities that promote social interaction, cooperation, empathy, and self-regulation, laying the groundwork for healthy social and emotional development.

Parental Involvement: We recognize the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. Our program provides resources and guidance for parents to actively engage with their children’s learning journey, fostering a supportive home environment that reinforces learning.

Flexible and Accessible: Our online platform offers flexibility, allowing children to learn at their own pace

Curriculum Framework

The curriculum aims to foster a classroom environment where students develop the skills for success.

Key global skills include:

1. Creativity and critical thinking

2. Real-world skills

3. Communication and collaboration

4. Self development skills

Choosing a curriculum

Choosing the correct curriculum for a student is crucial as it shapes their educational experience, aligns with their learning style, and prepares them for future academic and career opportunities. The British International Curriculum emphasizes flexibility, critical thinking, and a global perspective, offering various pathways like the IGCSE and A-levels. In contrast, the South African CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) is more prescriptive, focusing on a standardized approach with a strong emphasis on local context and practical skills development.

Early Years

Designed for 5 to 6-year-olds

The British International Early Years program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a robust foundation at the start of their academic careers, preparing them to advance to subsequent international phases.

Lower Primary

Designed for children aged 7 to 9

The British International Primary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a solid base at the start of their educational journey, setting the stage for their advancement into subsequent international phases.

Upper Primary

Designed for 10 to 12 year old's

The British International Upper Primary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it establishes a robust foundation for students at the intermediate stage of their education, preparing them for the subsequent international phase.

Lower Secondary

Designed for 13 to 15-year-olds

The British International Lower Secondary program initiates an engaging educational path for learners. it lays a solid groundwork for students in the senior phase of their education, preparing them for the subsequent iGCSE level.


Designed for 16 to 17-year-olds

The British International GCSE program propels learners forward on an engaging educational path. it lays a solid groundwork for students progressing to advanced international levels.

AS/A Levels

Designed for 18 to 19-year-olds

The British International AS level program propels learners forward on a dynamic educational path. it offers a concluding year (12th grade) before progressing to tertiary education. The British International A level program, an additional year (13th grade) of schooling, equips students with a competitive edge for entering demanding university programs.

Grade 10-12

Designed for students aged 16 to 19

The National Senior Certificate (CAPS) program serves as South Africa's curriculum for Grades 10 through 12. it offers the concluding three-year phase of secondary education prior to pursuing higher education.

Wingu Academy's Hybrid Schooling Option

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