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Our Curriculums

Why Oxford and Pearson for the
International British Curriculum?

Pearson and Oxford are the UK’s largest awarding organisations. With over 150 years experience of delivering world-class recognised qualifications and best placed to provide qualifications aligned to the British educational system.

Pearson is proven by independent research to be the most reliable awarding organisation in the UK, recognised and trusted to provide high quality qualifications. The Oxford International Curriculum has a focus on not only valuable critical thinking skills and creativity, but is enriched with a focus on physical and mental dexterity and wellbeing. 

Pearson qualifications provide learners with access to the world’s top universities and prestigious employment opportunities. Pearson Edexcel international academic qualifications are recognised by leading universities across the world – including Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia University and Yale University, and have been benchmarked to the UK curriculum by UK NARIC. The iGCSE and AS/A-levels qualifications are highly valued by South African universities. 

Sought after International GCSE and AS/A level qualifications are aligned to the most prominent global examination bodies

Internationally recognised – Accepted by world class universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Germany and beyond

Undertaken by almost 10 million students, across 160 countries

Flexible curricula and stimulating subjects, which is supported through extensive publications and online resources

Provides an educational pathway of exceptional quality for ages 3 – 19+ years old

Stage 1 – 6 Subjects

Stage 7 – 9 Subjects

 iGCSE Subjects

Up to 7 subjects included in the tuition fee

iAS/A-Level Subjects

iAS up to 5 subjects included in the tuition fee.
A-level up to 3 subjects included in the tuition fee.
Subjects for iAS level only: Spanish, French, German, Psychology and Afrikaans.


“The curriculum allows students to learn topics in considerable depth and importantly also gives them the opportunity to see how they relate to each other in a broader, global point of view.”


Christoph Guttentag,
Dean of Undergraduate admissions, Duke University

Why the South African
National Senior Certificate (NSC)?

Written by over 700 00 students each year, the NCS, also known as a matric certificate, is your passport to starting your post school career

As the traditional South African school curriculum, CAPS is tailored uniquely to provide education specific to the South African context

Wingu is registered with SACAI whom is accredited with the Umalusi Council, Wingu learners will receive the official NSC certificate

Offering a range of subjects choices, CAPS provides students with a range of study opportunities

Master distinctly South African courses, built
around a student-centric blended learning approach, by working through the course content in a self-paced manner supported by a personalized learning coach

CAPS Gr 10 – 11 Subjects

Up to 7 subjects included in the tuition fee

The Wingu Distance Education Pathway

See the path of online education with Wingu Academy.

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