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Our Curriculums

Wingu Academy is an official Pearson Edexcel Online Centre. Wingu offers the British International Curricula for ages 6 – 19.

Wingu Academy has a comprehensive iGCSE and iAS/A level programme.

Wingu Academy is an approved Online Pearson School

Launched in Jan 2022, the Wingu CAPS programme welcomed its first class of grade 10 students to pursue the South African National Senior Certificate. Now offering Grade 10-11, our grade 12 class is set to start in 2024!

Wingu Academy is a registered distance education provider with the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute.

Wingu Academy is the only Online School approved to offer the Oxford International Curriculum. Globally recognised, the OIC has a focus on critical thinking, social-emotional skills development, overall wellbeing and skills important for the fourth industrial revolution.

Wingu has a comprehensive program that offers international exams after Year 3, 6 and 9

Wingu Academy is an approved Oxford International Online School

Wingu Academy believes in offering international quality education to South Africans. We are an Oxford International Curriculum and Pearson Edexcel-recognised international online primary and high school, and can offer exceptional curriculums to all our students. 

Oxford International Curriculum and Pearson Edexcel curriculums are both valid, approved and recognised in South Africa, making Wingu an excellent choice for home-schooling parents who want to provide their children with a quality education without having to rely on the South African School System. 

The Oxford International Curriculum uses an approach to teaching and learning with a difference. It fosters well-being in education and develops real-world, lifelong learning skills for the student’s future personal, career and academic success. 

Pearson Edexcel’s World Class Qualifications standards prepare students and open doors at the world’s most prestigious universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia University and Yale University. Edexcel A levels offer excellent preparation for university, not only in terms of the learning material but also the level of intensity. 

Wingu Academy is approved by both Pearson and Oxford to offer online school classes, in fact, Wingu Academy is the only Online School approved to offer the Oxford International Curriculum in South Africa. 

Why Oxford and Pearson for the
International British Curriculum?

Oxford International Curriculum 

The “Oxford International Curriculum” is a curriculum framework and educational programme developed and offered by the University of Oxford. It is designed for international schools, particularly those outside the United Kingdom, and is aimed at providing a high-quality education that aligns with the academic standards and traditions associated with the prestigious University of Oxford. 

They have a global perspective that is designed to be culturally sensitive and relevant to students from various backgrounds and the curriculum is designed to prepare students for admission to universities worldwide, including the University of Oxford itself. 

This curriculum covers a wide range of subjects and disciplines, including mathematics, sciences, languages, and the arts. It is structured to provide a well-rounded education and it is known for its academic rigor and high standards. It is intended to challenge students and prepare them for further education at the university level. 

Pearson Edexcel 

Pearson is the UK’s largest awarding organisation offering academic, vocational and work-based learning qualifications, including BTEC and Edexcel. Their qualifications are world-class academic and general qualifications, which include GCSEs, A levels, International GCSEs, NVQs and Functional Skills. 

The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including the sciences, mathematics, languages, and vocational courses. They offer diverse subject choices for students across the globe and provide online resources and digital tools to support teaching and learning, including interactive materials, assessment resources, and e-learning platforms. 

Pearson Edexcel also provides support and training for teachers and schools that offer online courses to help them deliver their curriculum effectively. This includes teacher resources, training sessions, and guidance on assessments. 

Both of the above curriculums aim to offer your child an online school curriculum that will provide them with an excellent education, preparing them for university, if they wish to study further. 

These homeschool online courses are Pearson-approved and will ensure that your child receives a well-rounded education and give them the opportunity to study further. 

Wingu Academy wants to ensure that your child has the brightest future possible, and that is why we have chosen to become approved to offer online school courses by both Oxford and Pearson. 

Sought after International GCSE and AS/A level qualifications are aligned to the most prominent global examination bodies

Internationally recognised – Accepted by world class universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Germany and beyond

Undertaken by almost 10 million students, across 160 countries

Flexible curricula and stimulating subjects, which is supported through extensive publications and online resources

Provides an educational pathway of exceptional quality for ages 3 – 19+ years old

British Online School Stages

Stage R – 6 Subjects

This is your foundational stage for ages 5 to 11, and the subjects available are Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Junior French, Junior Spanish, Junior German, Junior Coding & Robotics, Physical Fitness, ICT, Science, and Art & Design. 

Stage 7 – 9 Subjects

This is your early high school stage for ages 12 – 14, and the subjects available are Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Intro to French, Intro to Spanish, Intro to German, Foundations of Coding & Robotics, Global Perspectives, ICT, Science, and Art & Design. 

 iGCSE Subjects

This is the next stage of high school for students 15 – 16, and the last compulsory stage unless you want to study further. The subjects available are Mathematics, Geography, Business Studies, English HL, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Spanish, German, French, Computer Science, Art & Design, Physics, Biology, Accounting, History, and Chemistry. 

At this stage, students can choose their preferred subjects and up to 7 subjects are included in the tuition fees. 

iAS/A-Level Subjects

This is the final two years of high school for students 17 – 18, and A-levels are compulsory for university admission. Spanish, French, German, Psychology and Afrikaans are available only up to iAS-level. The rest of the available subjects are Mathematics, Geography, Business Studies, English HL, Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Accounting, History, and Chemistry. 

At iAS-level, up to 5 subjects are included in the tuition fee and at A-level up to 3 subjects are included in the tuition fee. 

In order to enrol for iGCSE and iAS/A-Level Subjects there are specific conditions that need to be met, please contact us for more information. 

The Oxford and Pearson curricula are internationally recognised online school curricula that will offer your children a world-class education. Opening doors for them to study and work globally. 


“The curriculum allows students to learn topics in considerable depth and importantly also gives them the opportunity to see how they relate to each other in a broader, global point of view.”


Christoph Guttentag,
Dean of Undergraduate admissions, Duke University

Why the South African
National Senior Certificate (NSC)?

Written by over 700 00 students each year, the NCS, also known as a matric certificate, is your passport to starting your post school career

As the traditional South African school curriculum, CAPS is tailored uniquely to provide education specific to the South African context

Wingu is registered with SACAI whom is accredited with the Umalusi Council, Wingu learners will receive the official NSC certificate

Offering a range of subjects choices, CAPS provides students with a range of study opportunities

Master distinctly South African courses, built
around a student-centric blended learning approach, by working through the course content in a self-paced manner supported by a personalized student success advisor and learning coach

CAPS Gr 10 – 12 Subjects

Up to 7 subjects included in the tuition fee

The Wingu Distance Education Pathway

See the path of online education with Wingu Academy.

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