Saniya Khan 09 October 2020

We already know, the global tech revolution is greatly changing the way we work in every sector.

Education technology has made education more accessible and comprehensive across the world especially during the on-going COVID pandemic. Most recently we’ve seen schools and universities adopting remote teaching due to worldwide educational institution closure, which led to a surge in demand of online platforms and certainly gave opportunities to various new and old edtech start-ups to come up with their innovative learning methods and help learners continue their studies online without any hassle.

Herein, we have enlisted few great African edtech platforms that have come with innovative learning methods.

Wingu Academy

Recently launched, Wingu Academy is a remote-learning platform that offers educational support to schools, tutoring centres, and home-schoolers all over Africa, offering live classes and tutorials along with interactive online content. It has been developed by teachers, UP alumni, and postgraduate students who are experts in their respective fields with additional collaboration with researchers from the Wits School of Education. Not only this, it is a by-product of collaboration between two innovative startups, TutCo Tuition and EduWingu Cloud Education Solutions.

This new platform offers an international curriculum that is globally relevant by contextualised for the African continent along with continuous assessment for learners. Besides these, Wingu focuses on student-led learning, utilising gamification, implementing constructive feedback all in alignment with major international curriculum’s offering a global standard in educational learning. Catering to learners between the ages of five and 19, Wingu provides a wide variety of choices to support individual learning at home along with alternative options of a supplement programme followed by a tutoring centre or school which is extremely beneficial at this moment when the whole offline educational system is at halt.