Take a break from exam studies and get active!

Work and play are two indispensable components of life, and while a long summer of play awaits, the final exam stretch is looming! To get through, it’s not only important to add a dash of play to the study regime, but we’ve found it to be essential.

In fact, play is so important to childhood development it’s recognised as a universal right by the United Nations. According to psychologists, play stimulates the brain to make connections between nerve cells, and studies by neuroscientists show that play helps develop the cerebral cortex, improving memory and cognitive function. Kids have shown to pay more attention to academic tasks after frequent, short bouts of unstructured play time.

Our top games to play to improve studying

French cricket

French cricket is simple and doesn’t require too much space. It can also be played with a group of fielders, or just two people: the batter and bowler. French cricket differs from normal cricket in that you don’t need wickets or a large playing field. The batter stands with their legs together, which are essentially the wickets. The bowler attempts to get his ball to hit the batter’s legs, while the batter hits the ball away.

Watch this video for a demonstration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMNlgIiF61g

What we like about it: Easy & relaxed fun. Only need 2 people and a bat and ball. Improves hand-eye coordination.


Badminton is a high-action game, and one of the most cardio-intense sports in the world. It will get your kids’ heart rate up, and increased heart rate from exercise has a myriad of benefits on studying and learning. Badminton can be played with 2 – 4 players, so you can get the family involved. Most badminton sets come with a net, but you don’t necessarily need one. Just a few good rallies is a great way to have a quick, fun break that packs a punch.

What we like about it: High energy workout. Fat burning.Fast-paced, developing good reflexes and athleticism.


This one isn’t just for boys. Practicing shooting goals and trying to get the ball past a goalie is a fun way to improve hand-eye coordination, and boost confidence!

What we like about it: Simple, only need a ball and two people. Flexible: can just practice goal shooting, or have a high-energy game.


Even if you don’t have a gaming console, you can play dancing games through downloadable apps on your smart phone, or through a PC with an internet connection, like Just Dance Now. https://justdancenow.com/ . What’s great about dancing is it involves coordination and motor-neuron skills while involving several senses. Plus, it’s expressive! After long tedious hours feeling like a robot absorbing reams of information, dance reminds us that we’re human again, capable of movement, expression, joy and emotion!

What we like about it: Expressive, involves music. Develops rhythm.Makes you laugh.

The best thing about these playful activities is that they involve movement, which helps students re-energise their bodies, brains and spirits. So, it’s time to get your kids moving and shaking their way through finals, and into the holidays.