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Forward Thinking Education

Wingulians believe we should leave the world a better place than we found it. We use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide the student leadership initiatives.

Our student leadership runs an official foundation – The Wingu Cares Foundation. This has successfully supported numerous initiatives, including those for the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Refugees.

Personalised academic and wellness support

Wingu Academy is home to highly qualified teachers and subject experts in content development. We use research-based, innovative teaching strategies to engage students in personalised online learning.

The Wingu Wellness Hub – the custodian of the Wingulian Culture

The Wingu Wellness Hub is the centre where Wingu fosters awareness and skills development for emotional intelligence. The aim is to provide a safe space for all Wingulians and to support the learners, parents and staff.

We do this by providing them with services that increase their overall well-being to ensure that no Wingulian gets left behind.

Furthermore, the hub is committed to building essential 4th and 5th industrial revolution skills associated with wellness, emotional intelligence, resilience, inclusivity, and purpose.

The Wingu Wellness Hub includes:

Student Mental Wellbeing

  • Monthly webinars by Dr Serahni (PhD Psych)
  • Psychoeducation and Soft Skills development Programs
  • Individual counseling and support

Conscious Parenting

  • Monthly webinars by Dr Serahni (PhD Psych)
  • Individual counseling and support
  • Access to weekly wellness resources

Staff Wellbeing

  • Monthly webinars by Dr Serahni (PhD Psych)
  • Individual counseling and support
  • Access to weekly wellness resources

Fitness and Physical Wellbeing

  • Focuses on Nutritional awareness
  • Physical fitness
  • Exercise for stress management
  • Creating habits to form a healthy and active lifestyle

Character Building

  • Focuses on the ability to remain motivated
  • Learning positive moral attributes
  • Social confidence
  • Having good coping skills

Special Education Support

  • Concessions for extra time, scribes and stop-the-clock concessions
  • Behavioural and social skills difficulties
  • Communication or language disability support
  • Concentration difficulties (ADHD/ADD)
  • Literacy and Language difficulties
  • Mental health issues

Wingu Social Clubs

At Wingu Academy, we offer a variety of social clubs to help our Wingulians feel connected, no matter the distance. These form a crucial part of our online international school.

Science Club


Book Club

Anime Club

Chess Club

Study Club

Photography Club

Fitness Club

Public Speaking Club

Art Club

Gaming Club