Regulations FAQ

Regulations, Accreditations and Recognition

Is alternative schooling permitted in South Africa?

Yes, South African regulations permit alternative schooling. For our high school British international curriculum learners, the content we provide equips each learner with the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete their International GCSE, AS and A level external examinations.

Is Wingu Academy accredited with Pearson Edexcel and the Oxford International Curriculum?

Yes. Wingu Academy is officially recognised by Pearson Edexcel and the Oxford International Curriculum as an online school. Furthermore, Wingu Academy’s online curriculum live classes are also aligned to Cambridge Assessments International Education for the British international curriculum providing our students a wealth of choices. We partner with various exam centres and there are exam centres in almost all major cities and towns. We provide regular assessments to prepare students and monitor their progress. Online courses and qualified teachers provide detailed content with quizzes to test knowledge, have prescribed assignments and tests and offer past paper questions and mock exams to students to completely prepare them for the exams. All Wingu students write exams at any Pearson, SACAI or Cambridge Examination Centre that caters for online school or private candidates.

Are learners able to attend university after they matriculate at Wingu Academy?


British international qualifications are highly regarded by all South African universities and over 2000 universities worldwide, including IVY league institutions. The SACAI NSC is also recognised in South Africa and some Universities abroad. 

Is the British International Curriculum recognised in South Africa and abroad?

The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level is equivalent of Gr.12/Matric in SA and is recognised by USAf (the SA Matriculation Board) as the equivalent of a Senior Certificate (NQF4) which is a necessary requirement for University entrance. AS level courses are aimed at students of 16 years and above who have completed either International GCSE or Gr. 11.


Please note that the South African CAPS curriculum is only accepted in a select few universities worldwide, and if emigration is your aim, we strongly encourage a British international syllabus.

What is the role of Umalusi in South Africa

The Umalusi Council is responsible for establishing and overseeing standards for both general and further education and training in South Africa. This mandate is based on the National Qualifications Framework Act No 67 from 2008 (with its subsequent revisions) and the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act No. 58 of 2001 (as updated). This body is charged with creating and administering a qualifications sub-framework related to general and advanced education, ensuring its quality throughout.

Are Wingu Academy and SACAI part of the Department of Education?

SACAI and the IEB are among the trio of FET Phase Examination Boards accredited by the Umalusi Council, with the DBE being the third body. Wingu Academy is affiliated as a Distance Learning Education provider with SACAI and the FET stages. Wingu Academy is registered with the DBE for our brick and mortar schools, but Online Schools cannot register with the DBE yet. Once the online schooling policy is implemented, we’ll have the opportunity to enroll our online school learners with the DBE, guaranteeing their registration for the mandatory schooling period, which extends up to age 15. Note: Our Homeschooling students on our Homeschooling curriculum are registered as homeschoolers with the DBE by their parents, and Wingu Academy cannot register on the parents behalf. SACAI culminates in a National Senior Certificate (NSC), a credential that’s acknowledged both domestically and globally. Wingu Academy’s Pearson Edexcel qualification align with all pre-requisites of Universities South Africa (USAF). These prerequisites encompass a blend of diverse subjects at multiple GCSE and AS/A-levels, resulting in a qualification that holds recognition nationally and internationally. 

How do I register for online schooling with the Department of Basic Education?

The Department of Education is formulating a Draft Framework for the Registration and Regulation of Online Schools. This framework will distinguish between ‘home school education’ and ‘online school education. Once this framework is implemented Wingu Academy will hold both an EMIS number not only for each brick-and-mortar school but also for the online school. This will enable Wingu Academy to directly enrol our learners with the DBE on their parents’ behalf. This development represents a significant advancement in the realm of online education in South Africa.