Careers at Wingu Academy

If you are a thriving and forward-thinking individual, and you are looking for a career-enriching opportunity, Wingu Academy might be the place for you!

Careers at wingu academy

If you are a thriving and forward-thinking individual, and you are looking for a career-enriching opportunity, Wingu Academy might be the place for you!

Do you have what it takes to be a Wingulian?

The Definition of a Wingulian is
a  thriving, forward-thinking individual who sees all problems as exciting challenges and failures as learning experiences.

The Wingulian Team Experience:
Working with a high performance team on exceptional goals

“What I love most about working with Wingu Academy is the energy and passion. I love being part of a pioneering company that really makes a difference.” 

– Panashe Saungweme
Associate Director of Human Capital

“I have been teaching for 12 years now, but I finally
found a fulfilling position when I started teaching at
Wingu Academy in 2020.” 

– Madeline Kruger
Primary Division Teacher

Find your fit at Wingu Academy

At Wingu, every day makes a difference and every day is different.

We believe in having a career that fits your calling.


The Wingu academic team is comprised of qualified Educators that are recent graduates and professionals that are well experienced in their teaching careers. All Wingu Educators must have a PGCE or an Hons Degree and Teaching Qualification with a strong academic record and proven quality teaching skills.

This is the biggest team at Wingu Academy and as part of the team, you will benefit from world-class training, continuous hands-on learning, technical upskilling and a passion fulfilling profession.

The position as an Educator at Wingu Academy is remote first and they also get an opportunity to be part of the Student Development team and facilitate any of our Clubs.

student success advisors and learning coaches

The Student Success Advisors and Learning Coaches at Wingu Academy are specially trained for support and personalised education. They are not Tutors but instead, they focus on assisting the Learners to become independent, confident, and self-sufficient.

They are equipped to teach study methods and skills in a practical way that empowers the students to apply these methods to each particular learning environment as it arises. The Student Success Advisors and Learning Coaches also help the family navigate the administration of distance learning.

Internal Team

The Internal team at Wingu Academy prides itself on its dynamism, with a range of skilled individuals who focus on the internal running of the Online School.

Positions range from Learning Designers, Content Creators, Client Care, Accounting and Business Management, Human Resources, Graphic Designing, Wellness Experts, and Technical Support. Multimedia and Quality Assurance. We also offer internship opportunities across our array of departments. 

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for an enriching position to kick-start your career or an experienced professional looking for a place that will value your expertise and insights – Wingu Academy could be the place for you!

Perks of being a Wingulian

Training and Development opportunities

Remote Work and flexible hours for all staff

Employee Wellness Hub and Monthly wellness workshops

Management and leadership Training

Health insurance for all staff

Staff online and in-person socials

Management team building trips

Teaching assistance and technical support

Work Devices – Laptop and Headphones

Family member tuition discount

Quality Assurance support

Working with internationally recognised syllabi

Impactful work – The Wingu Way

Get involved in the Wingu Cares Foundation as a facilitator

Wingulians offer their skills and time to contribute to their communities and the world at large. They use The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide all student leadership initiatives.

Our student leadership runs an official foundation – The Wingu Cares foundation- through which it has supported numerous philanthropic organisations. These include the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Get involved in the Wingu Clubs as a facilitator

At Wingu Academy, we offer a variety of social clubs to help our Wingulian students and staff feel connected, no matter the distance. These form a crucial part of our online international school, and you have the opportunity to be involved as a facilitator. You can even bring a new idea to the student development team and start your own club.

Show us your talents, hobbies and interests by joining any of the Wingu Clubs.

Science Club


Book Club

Anime Club

Chess Club

Study Club

Photography Club

Fitness Club

Public Speaking Club

Art Club

Gaming Club

Apply now to be a Wingulian

Are you ready to be part of a high impact – high performance team?

Student Success Advisor and Learning Coach


Are you a highly motivated and forward-thinking individual with a passion for learning and inspiring young learners to thrive in their academics? If yes, apply to be a student success advisor and learning coach at Wingu Academy today!

Our Student Success Advisor and Learning Coaches focus on helping online learners with study skills, task/ time management and becoming confident with online learning. Please note, a minimum of 2 years of tutoring/ mentoring experience is required. Position is flexi hours and 100% remote.

STEM Educator


Wingu Academy is currently hiring for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Educators. Candidates must have a proven record of teaching/ tutoring the subject. The position is 100% remote with flexible hours.

Foreign Languages Educator


Wingu Academy is currently hiring for our School of Foreign Languages. Wingu offers Spanish, German, and French.
Candidates must have a proven record of teaching/ tutoring the language. The position is 100% remote with flexible hours.

2023 Wingu Educator


If you have a passion for making a difference in the education space, we are currently recruiting for our 2023 candidates to join the Wingu Academic Team. This is applicable for ALL SUBJECTS.

Interested in joining the Wingulian team?